4 Apps That Make Saving Money Easier For You!

Last week, we already mentioned that there are a bunch of savings app, that will help you to save money. In this post, we want to introduce our favorite apps and show their main features:

1. Qapital

Qapital rounds up change to nearest dollar and moves it into your savings account. Furthermore, it allows you to set specific goals. The best thing: Qapital is fee free!

2. Acorns

Your change is put into an investment account and this money is invested in a portfolio, based on your income and preferences. The best thing: Acorns has partners, such as AirBnB and they offer you a cash-back feature!

3. Digit

Digit calculates, what you can save and sets it aside. Furthermore, it offers a 1% savings bonus every three months! You can earn money by saving money, isn’t this great?

4. Chime

Chime allows you to put change into savings and also provides you with the opportunity to auto-transfer 10% of your paycheck to savings. It also offers cash-back rewards for certain bills and purchases!

However, all these apps have a downside as they offer a very small interest rate on your savings. But they help you to create a piggy bank and you will be surprised, how much money you can save just by rounding up and getting cash-backs!

Source: www.nerdwallet.com

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