Hello! I’m Philipp. I love traveling, sports, and I am passionate about Finance. I currently live in Nashville, TN and I love teaching & tutoring young people. Currently, I am a senior business student at Belmont University and over time, I gained experience as Financial Analyst Intern at Procter & Gamble, Strategic Advisor at Stockanalyzer (an early-stage FinTech start-up) and as Member of the Board at Tradity e.V. (one of the biggest German non-profit organizations for financial education). In the last few years, I met a lot of people, who face financial troubles and do not know how to solve them. One of the reasons is, that financial education is totally neglected in schools and it is hard to find trustworthy sources of information. This really got my attention and I want to help as many people as possible to take away the burden of negative experiences with financials.

I set up this blog Educateroo, because I want to help and support more people to awake their interest in financial topics. Finance is not as boring as it might seem and it affects everyone. No matter if you go to high school, pursue your studies or if you are already working. It is important for everyone to have a basic financial understanding that prevent yourself from making poor financial decisions. There are so many pitfalls and nobody wants to face financial troubles. I will do my best to encourage and support you to make a step towards financial freedom and solve your financial problems. And I am pretty confident that everyone can develop passion for finances as soon as you know how to tackle this topic. I hope, my blog provides you with valuable content and education to save you a lot of time and money to spend it on more important things.

I am always looking for feedback and your thoughts on it, so feel free to contact me.

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