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I´m Philipp Eckert, and I’m here to help you acquire finance education, make money, and save a lot of time. Check out my blog to learn more about financial topics!
Financial topics affect everyone and acquiring skills to manage your own financials effectively will take away a big burden from you. You think, that you can achieve it too? I bet you can!
Through my professional work experience at Procter & Gamble, strategic advisor at Stockanalyzer and Member of the Board at Tradity e.V., I am helping people since 5 years to understand financial topics and achieve financial freedom.

“Educateroo will help everyone to take away the fear of getting in touch with financial topics, no matter it is about investments, passive income, personal finances or retirement plans. We provide educational content for everybody, no matter how much knowledge you already you have. Everyone has started off small! Furthermore, we are deeply motivated to resolve every financial problem that might occur and we promise that we will do our best to help you!”

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